I am a recently divorced dad in his late 30’s that loves many kinds of gaming. I enjoy sharing the gamer and general geek culture. I have lived in the Chicago suburbs longer than I care to admit.  I started collected games as an adult once I discovered Puerto Rico in 2005.  It was one of my first of those newfangled Eurogames.  About 4 years ago, I joined boardgamegeek.com as a member thanks to a friend’s suggestion that I should Google the game Tactics II.  I am not sure if I owe him a favor or if he owes me money for that one!

All of this led to me join a HUGE gaming meetup group about a year ago that meets weekly. Since then, I have been trying new games and teaching my amazing kids and girlfriend these games with occasional modifications or “mods” as the Minecraft fans are fond of saying.  I will be sharing my experiences.  I hope you enjoy!

Happy reading and Happy Gaming!