Meeple Adventures: [toggle Gaming]

Hello Readers!

On Tuesday this week, I had a good time playing a game and dinner with my kids.  I talked my 7 year old son into a quick game of Onitama. He decided to it would be more fair to play best out of three. Excellent!  Meanwhile, I had already misplaced one of the pieces…dropped in my car after GenCon most likely.  In any case, I replaced the missing piece and an additional piece with bunny finger puppets I was going to give away sometime.  So, with smiles already, we were ready to go!  My intimidating forces are featured in the picture!

Through out the game, I said things like “My rabbit money style has defeated your ox style” and “Oh no!  Your dragon style destroyed my bunny!” and “Hah, hah, hah, you have just fallen for my snake style trap!”  in badly dubbed kung-fu movie style.  My son played well for his age but I beat him in two games.  I am at least a mediocre Chess player after all.  As for gaming, I never just let my kids win.  Playing against real competition builds character.  In the real world, competition is everywhere!  I don’t work real hard to crush them either though. That would just discourage them out of my hobbies I love!

After the games, I walked him through the moves that beat him each time. Then, we shook hands and I told him “Good game!  You played well.”  After all, he did very well for a 7 year old!  Then, we all sat down for a pleasant dinner.  Not long after that, I wistfully dropped them off at their mom’s place.

Not to fear though!  I had my [toggle Gaming] meetup group to drive out to see at Durty Nellie’s bar. As soon as I got there, there were friends to glad-hand and a cold Citizen’s cider for refreshment.  By the time, I got my drink, I was already invited into a wild game of Happy Salmon!   I even got video of the game this time.  Now you can see for yourself what I mean when I tell you this game is exciting for all ages.

Following this was my first game of Keyflower.  This is a VERY popular worker placement and bidding game.  Worker placement just means that you place a worker somewhere to gain the advantage for that space.  The trick with this game though is that if you bid too much you don’t have the workers you need to get what you need to earn points. On the other hand, if you bid too low, you will be restricted in what you can do and in your number of workers later.  There are only four rounds so it is easy to play in about an hour.  It was extremely interesting but I got crushed even though it was new for everyone I played against.  I love when I get to combine a night with a deep game and a light game.

In other words, between dinner and games with the kids and toggle games, it was a very good night!

Happy gaming,