Meeple Adventures: Hand Cannons and a Zombie Roadtrip

Or, can my swashbuckler embarrass the rabble in a barfight while I swig a couple drinks of my own?  Then, will my meeple family survive a roadtrip full of zombie infested stops and possibly even thrive? 

First, in a fight for reputation, my swashbuckler picked up a chair to throw it as others moved around a crowded fantasy tavern. Ironically, I was then hit by a thrown chair myself.  Next, I charged my barbarian opponent but missed by inches.  Luckily, my charge prevented a retaliatory charge attack from the barbarian. 

So, a few rug yanks later, the paladin and rogues fell down.  Then, blinding radiance by the paladin between a few ice rays from the mage and cleric swings with her hammer, and shot from my hand cannon, and the game was almost over.  Then, the mage’s cat pushed a barrel, knocking over the rogue and humiliating him. Finally, a last swing from the chandelier by the paladin which knocked the mage on her ass, a few extra minor moves and the fight was over.  

In the end, the mage had beaten us all down for a big win. My swashbuckler managed a distant second with his sneaky rung yanking, table pushing, and whatnot. With this ended the chaotic, push your luck game of The Dragon and Flagon for 2 – 6 players.  
Next, came Hit Z Road.  This is a roadtrip game travelling on Route 66 west from Chicago….during a Zombie apocalypse!   

That’s right!  It doesn’t get more kitschy than this. The bits look like all the things a kid might have on a road trip.  The backs of the cards look like playing card decks, a different style for each stage. The play order cards look like name tags and travel discount cards.  The theme is in everything. 

This game mechanically isn’t that original but the bidding for the best travel location changes everything!  Bid too high and your meeple family will be short on resources.  Bid too low and you will be stuck fighting zombies and skipping over both resources and points.

The trick is after a few turns of bidding, late in the second or early in the third stage, resources become slim for everyone.  Low bids become the norm and the previous first player has a good chance too get the first pick of location again.

Then, it happens… the first meeple family dies (the first losing player). Before anyone can weep over dead meeples, another player dies. This time it was my turn to lose my meeple family. Player elimination isn’t a tiresome mechanic here though.  Within 5 – 20 minutes of the first player dropping out, the last player will either die as well or make it to California. In this game, player elimination is a short punishment and a thematic must!

My swashbuckler did not embarrass the rabble.  My meeple family was then killed by zombies and radiation. On the other hand losing a barfight and death by zombies has rarely been more satisfying.

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