Modern Meeple Musings:

Why boardgames or card games anyway? 

Why not video games or just plain conversation instead?  Here is my personal list:

  1. Video games even at their best only bring a couple of people together face to face regularly to play them or talk about them.  In general, I find that hobby, though sometimes extremely engrossing, usually pushes me to be less social.  I’m not a kid any more.  I don’t get to spend whole weekends with friends often.  So, I never want to be the guy that turns down time with a friend to spend a day at any video game.  Especially as I get a bit addicted with the most satisfying games. [br]
  2. You can learn more about most new people playing a 30 minute game than you ever could playing a video game or even chatting. Are they quick learners, do they like the game theme, do they enjoy arguing, are they bad liars, are they sore losers, can they keep a secret?  In fact, it should be standard practice to include a short boardgame in job interviews so that employers could really see how the candidate will react with a little pressure. [br]
  3. As cool as video games get nowaways, there is far less variety, interaction, and originality when compared to boardgames.
  4. We are in the new Golden Age of Boardgames.
    • As boardgames are increasingly becoming digitized, the boardgame version is actually selling even better as more digitized versions are available.
    • There are more totally unique boardgames created and sold each week than ever in history
    •  Geek chic is currently a thing!  Seriously, if you are a hardcore videogamer, comic book fan, or odd hobbyist (there are videogame, beer brewing, and even deck / porch building themed games now) boardgaming has created something for you!

But, don’t just take my word from it, check out this post regarding why boardgamers love the hobby and why you should think about getting into it NOW!

It’s Official, Everyone: Board Games Are Cool Now

Happy Gaming,



4 thoughts on “Modern Meeple Musings:

  1. I love this! I would much rather sit and pay cards or a board game than play video games! I would also love to lock up all our cell phones and make people have real conversations when they’re together! 👍🏼

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  2. Hey Michael, I couldn’t agree more. I think your comperision is giving the reader one more clear look what is the difference between the video games and board games.
    As it is know, I have just started to get into it and found so interesting to me.
    I think if you play boardgame you get to:
    a) socialize
    b) have nice people around, who have the same hobbies and interests as you.
    c) It can be educational in many points
    e.g when I tried card games (not sure about the name), I found it super educational. I got the chance to learn more about inventions, which interest me a lot.
    d) Playing board games, developes the way of your thining, in a better either practical or logical way.
    Thank you for your post. I always enjoy to read it.


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